Bright Star (Sunset Mix) Cover featuring Lysh Genius

The concept behind recording Bright Star emanates from experimenting with the acoustic qualities of a space, by placing a microphone and the sound emitting device (the trumpet) at different nodes within the space. The song is arranged on the spot–each part overdubbed to an original part and everything cascading from it.Combining the spatial and acoustic properties, with layering and cascading qualities, a combination of possible realities and human emotions drive the force and purpose of this interpretation of the song originally written by Martin Stimming, Ben Watts and Julia Biel.Video by Elizabeth Leitzell


The album is dedicated to life. Life is all we know and what we cling to everyday. All of our journeys through life are different and effect each others journey. The music on this album is a representation of life and balance and the first of many to come. Many thanks to the band Jarod Kashkin, Travis Reuter, Jorge Roeder & Rogerio Boccato


Nick Roseboro

Born in seattle, Nick was inspired to play music from his teacher Robert E. Knatt and Nick's own friends in middle school.  After joining the Garfield High School Jazz Band under direction of Clarence Acox, Nick moved to New York City to study with the likes of Eddie Henderson,  Billy Harper, Charles Tolliver, and Rachel Z at New School University.Now based out of Brooklyn, Nick has been molding his new quintet since 2007, featuring some the freshest young musicians on the scene.  The Nick Roseboro Quintet features Travis Reuter on guitar, Jarod Kashkin on piano, Jorge Roeder on bass, and Rogério Boccato on drums.


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